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Generative AI in Rust at Software Freedom Day!

1st October 2023, Paphos


Last weekend your favourite people at the CDC organised a conference for Software Freedom Day. We beat all our affluence records and we had 3 great talks discussing Open Source.

Of course, I came up with a creative idea to include Rust in the discussion and prepared a talk about my experience using AI and trying to avoid Python.

Even though the ecosystem is still in its early days, you can use tch-rs to access torchlib (the very same library which powers Pytorch) and implement plenty of popular models (with a bit of effort).

Candle is definitely the project to keep an eye on; it's an machine learning framework written in Rust which wants to be minimal and ready for serverless.

It's also growing at a rapid pace: since my presentation, it already gained a candle-transformers crate which wants to mirror the popular Python package transformers.

We also talked about fake OSS licenses like HuggingFace's OpenRAIL, we worried about European regulations destroying Open Source software and we discussed the pro and cons of having a personal Open Source project. What a day!

I was blown away by the quality of the talks. Want to check them out too? Here they are!

Generative AI in Rust

Pro & Cons of personal OSS Projects

Generative AI in Rust

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